Bet you all remember school days when we had to learn Roman numerals. X was ten so XX was twenty. It all looked so beautiful and evoked images of Ben-Hur but it got a bit too challenging when you added in the Cs and Ls. Didn’t quite flow like the old 1&2s! Thank goodness we switched to the Arabic system!

25C49928-DC50-413D-B506-12C5074E0308.jpegYou will also remember from the much anticipated biology classes about the birds and the bees that women have a pair of XX chromosomes while men only have an X and a little Y.

Isn’t it amazing all those difference between the sexes is down to such a tiny thing! That extra bit of genetic material woman have must surely explain their greater intelligence!

The Irish among us will forever associate XX with a certain black nectar known to fortify the blood. Although it seems some other breweries have a lighter option to offer.

These liquids might very well fuel a little romance if your not careful. No sweeter way to end than a XX

Blessing # 436 –  Kisses

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