Train buffs will associate YY with double yellow lights and the need to slow down and prepare to stop. In spite of many train journeys over the years never knew there was such a thing.

Nor have I ever come across the use of YY in texting. It has multiple meanings ranging from the quite logical Yes Yes to YES Why to the hard to fathom expression of hopelessness!


The YY I thought of was Yo-yo. There are probably as many yo-yos in the world as there are people. Is there one of you who NEVER had one.


They are the second oldest toy, the first being dolls, and date way back to 1000 BC. Like many things they find their origin in China with the Diabolo which somehow looks to be more fun.


Yo-yos always seemed to find a way into the bottom of Christmas stockings. Did any of you like them? Some people can do all sorts of tricks with them.


What I’m really quite good at though is yo-yo dieting. I can loose ten pounds and put it back on again like a champion.


Bit like the stock exchange what goes down must come up again!

Blessing # 436 – Nothings YY



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