If you’re English it’s  Zed if you’re from the US it’s Zee which causes me no end of problems!

In Hebrew its a name meaning wolf. Please enlighten us if you know of other meanings.


In French a ZZ (zizi) is an important little appendage associated only with males of the species so it must have something to do with that Y chromosome from a few days ago.

We owe a lot to the ZZ because none of us would have made it to planet earth without it.


There are many other ZZs out there including some pretty plants like the ZZ from Zanzibar. Thank goodness for abbreviations as it’s botanical name Zamioculcus zamifolia is a bit of a mouthful!


One not quite so pretty gives life a lot of spice and is always in our home because no Indian can live without it. It imparts pungency to so many things from chai tea to chutneys. It is the adorable zingeberace


It got its name from the Sanskrit word for horn singabera and is adorable in its cuddliness.


According to my pal Maggie there’s a pop group with the name of ZZ Top. Have only very vague memories of that name. Just shows what a sheltered life I lead compared to some wild ones who are still rocking all over the world!


A ZZ that again is essential to life and that is loved by so many is sleep. There is nothing as sweet as a sound slumber that alas becomes less frequent as the years roll on.

There is of course the equally adorable and much needed afternoon nap. What better thing than that to start the weekend especially if it’s taken at the pool.

Blessing # 437 – Snoozing in the Sun

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