Since the end of the alphabet cycle has been reached the old mind has been searching for a new theme.

The decision is we’ll have a month of  Pink Power!

This weekend we were invited to our neighbors daughters wedding.

My first idea was to wear a dress all covered in flowers thinking that would be suitably bright and jolly for an outdoor summer event.

Krishna didn’t approve. His  comment was « have you nothing better than that! »

Talk about feeling deflated?

So after a quick tour of the closet and a scramble around all that was suitably colorful, a dress was picked and approved.

Thats when a little dip of serendip stepped in.

About three years ago Auntie Helen bought me a gift set that comprised a cosmetics bag stuffed with lotions and potions to help the aging skin!

The bag was so lovely it was kept with the idea that one day it would make a fine evening purse.


It turns out to be just the same color as the dress and better still it has those flowers that give a lively little lift. The men of the house gave it the thumbs up and we were in business.

Thanks to that snooze in the sun even my nose was coordinated.

Blessing # 438 – Matchmaking

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