The Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been in the news over the past few days. She has been treated for pancreatic cancer and thankfully is recovering well.

This is not the first battle she has waged against cancer. She’s  already beaten the disease twice.


Thanks to the recent movie On The Basis of Sex many of us have learned what a mighty warrior she is.

One of the first women ever to be admitted to the prestigious Harvard Law school she married her true love Martin also a law student. Shortly after they had their first child he fell ill with cancer.


While Martin recovered Ruth attended classes for him as well as her own. They both went on to be very successful lawyers he in a firm and she at first in academia because it was so hard to break through the prejudice shown towards woman of the time.


She took on inequality not by fighting a woman’s battle but rather a mans. Thanks to her achievements the playing field was optimized but for sure she’d agree it’s still not entirely in favor of the pink players!

As the second female Supreme Court judge she has been an amazing force. Tiny in stature with the heart of a lion. Always feminine always courageous. An inspiration to generations that we need more than ever today.

Blessing # 439 – A Woman in a Million

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