If you watched the British Open Golf from Northern Ireland this summer you’ll remember how happy the local golfers were that the Open has come back to the province after so many years.

Northern Ireland has produced many great golfers including Rory McIlroy. He was disappointed with his performance at the Open but he made up for that yesterday.


He won the FEDEX Cup and a cool $15 Million and would you believe it, because I couldn’t, he wore PINK!


This reminded me of a time some years ago when Aaron was at a party with us. One of our colleagues Juergen was returning to Switzerland after spending several years here in the USA.

The party was to say farewell to Juergen who was wearing a pink shirt that day. Aaron made some comment about this and Juergen said to him Aaron my friend only real men wear pink! This stuck with Aaron and one of his favorite shirts is, as you’d expect pink too.

Juergen made such an impression on him that when he had to choose a name in his German class you can guess what he choose; Juergen of course!

Everyone loves Rory! He is definitely a real good man! He is known to walk around the town he grew up in talking to everyone just as he did as a young lad. He’s also a UNICEF ambassador so does a lot for those less fortunate as well as for his homeland.

BB0B2780-7C2F-4184-82E5-1307A88541F5.jpegYesterday he had the luck of the Irish on his side when a vital shot narrowly missed going of course by hitting a drainage hole instead.

Just goes to show that if one day things seem to be going down the drain the next thing you know another drain turns out to a hero!

Blessing # 440 – Lucky Breaks

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