The little town where we live is very cute. It has a downtown full of old buildings that house restaurants, bars, boutiques, antique shops and multiple ice cream and beauty parlors. People come to visit the town for a day out and it’s got a real good vibe.


The council takes great care of the “Historic District”. In late spring they plant many annuals and each day there is a crew that tends them.

Under each mail box there is an absolute profusion or PINK. The plants start out just like ones any mortal like us might plant but with the daily TLC they get the petunias become a carpet.


It’s truly a joy to see them it does the heart good. They will flourish until the first hard frost and by then it will be time to get ready for the holidays. Out will come the fairy lights, the fir branches and the holly.

Too soon for that yet though many more weeks of color ahead before we see the white stuff.

Blessing # 441 – Summer Sensation

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