This morning I read a great little article from back home in Belfast. The idea is a Disco for “older” people who are lonely to have some fun.

Typical of the Northern Irish sense of humor it’s called the Slipped Disco!

It’s funny because only yesterday my friend Terri and me we’re talking about the lack of places for kids to go dancing these days.

The Slipped Disco plans to play lots of ABBA, Barry White, Cool and the Gang and so on. I’d love to go.


There wasn’t a week when I was a teenager that my friends and I didn’t dance. When we were young teens it was at the youth club and when we hit sixteen it was the disco. Oh and we got all dressed up for it too often like ABBA in PINK!


Kept us all fit too. We’d belly wobble the night away even when we had no bellies to wobble.

Whose up for a new hashtag #BRINGBACKBOOGIE

Blessing # 445 – Dancing Days

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