Today is Labor Day when you celebrate working by having a good day off.

It’s the last day for the pool but we’re still at home waiting for the clouds to pass and the sun to come out.

So what to do when you’ve Zumbad and put enough spag bol in the slow cooker to feed fifty than hunker down and get out a favorite movie.


My personal Selection of DVDs live as you might guess in a PINK IKEA box that sits under the coffee table by my spot on the sofa.

It’s the go to place for feel good any time of day or night. Today’s pic is Steel Magnolias.


This movie has everything a girl can dream of. One of the best cast of women every put together as well as a wedding  with lots of PINK « Blush and Bashful » a great story line albeit a sad one but best of all some of the funniest characters and one liners ever imagined.


Shirley McLaine as the hard as nails Ouiser is hysterical but Dolly Parton as the beautician Truvy is magnificent.


Truvy is a source of hope for the hopeless. Her reassurance that « there is no such thing as natural beauty » is a never ending source of inspiration. Guess I just need to try harder!!!

Blessing # 447 – Classic Collection

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