The Sedum in the pots on the doorstep is bushy and turning pink. Always a sure sign of fall. The Sedum in the yard alas is not in such good shape.

It has once more been ravaged by the deer but there is hope. Following an earlier rampage some of the chewed up bits left strewn in the flower beds we’re rescued and planted in pots on the back porch.


Each one is doing well and will come inside over winter for some TLC to keep them going till spring.

They are little signs of hope on a day when we are very worried. Dibley has not eaten since Friday and is very weak. He is just lying around like a carpet. It’s all he can do to drink his water.


We took it in turns to stay with him throughout the night and trust he will gain some strength as the chemo wears off.

He was due for another tablet tonight but of course we can’t think of that till he gets stronger.

Praying that like the Sedum there will be new life in the old boy yet.

Blessing #453 – Special Cuddles

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