BOOM – PINK 17 Is So Sad


Our hearts are breaking because despite the vets best efforts our dearest little boy Dibley slipped away today.

We loved him so and cannot believe he was taken so fast but we tried everything to treat him.

We will never know exactly what took him in the end. If it was the new medication or another complication of his Cushing. We found out today that he had a very high blood glucose and a serious infection of some sort too. Seems that the development of diabetes is not uncommon in Cushing patients.

He was only eleven and we all hoped to have him for many more years to come because he was so fit and well until recently.

He was sinking fast throughout the night and we took him first thing to the vet this morning. We had planned to go see him when Aaron got out of school but he passed before that.

We did still go to say farewell and he was brought to us wrapped in a pink and grey blanket.

It will take us some time to get over this shock and sadness but we know that love never fades and he will always be our little « Tibetan Terror » and that we will be with him again one day.

As my friend Carol said he has crossed the rainbow bridge. We so wish he had stayed longer.

Blessing # 454– Eternal Love

12 Replies to “BOOM – PINK 17 Is So Sad”

  1. After reading your post
    yesterday, I was very shocked
    to hear that Dibley had
    passed away during the night.
    I do not wish to intrude in your grief , but please know that I am thinking of you all at this sad time and that you are in my prayers.


  2. So sad to learn about Dibley’s passing suddenly. Always had energy and was friendly to all. Remember how much he loved crunching on ice cubes and waiting impatiently for the next one.


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