This morning we had to face the reality that it was an alarm rather than a bark that woke us up. The many times we’ve moaned about Dibley barking and getting us out of bed came back to haunt us.

We could have sat around home all day but Aaron was brave leading the way out by getting up and off to school on time.

So it was that Krishna and I followed suit and went to our Tuesday Morning Group where along with dear friends we began a study of Saint Paul’s letter to the Galatians.

We discussed the concept of God’s grace being given to each one without the need to prove ourselves.

Krishna, clearly focused on yesterday’s events, said that this reminded him of Dibley. No matter how many times we scolded him he never stopped coming back to give more love and was always ready to shake a paw!

I too thought of  Dibley in a slightly different context. He was always waiting with anticipation for that treat from the table. He was forever hopeful that we would be gracious to him.

So call us crazy but maybe a lesson to be learned from the latest Angel is don’t huff just hope!

On our return home our hope of something to keep our spirits up and make us smile came in the form of a Facebook post from none other than a pink haired Dame Edna Everage

Just goes to show that in the right theatre even Kings can be upstaged!

Blessing # 455 – Funny Fellows

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