Living with an Indian gives your taste buds a tingle. When Krishna isn’t cooking he often feels the need for a little additional OOMPH on his food. So of course we have pickles and chutneys but they don’t lend themselves to all meals.

The go to, if everything else fails, for pasta, pizza, salads and the like is good old HOT SAUCE.

We go through gallons of this between the two of us because Aaron wouldn’t touch it if you paid him.

It’s funny that when the spirits are low a little spice is so uplifting. Of course the over zealous use of the material has a consequence. You need to cool off afterwards.

So what better thing to do than have a few pink potions.

Krishna had cut up a big watermelon some days ago but with the stress of the past days we had no appetite for health and wellness so it was lying in the fridge going soggy. So it got juiced and was obligingly PINK.

So too was something equally rosé that slipped down very well and caused some early slumber!!!!!!!

Blessing #456 – Hot Sauce Cold Drinks

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