It’s been super hot the past days and it’s set to continue. A dip in the lake might be on the cards to cool down since all the pools are closed.

The hibiscus thinks it spring again and has gotten a second wind. It’s sprung a lot of new buds all of which are absolutely beautiful.

Hibiscus always make me think of hot and humid climes where they bloom all year round. Today ours reminded me of an old TV Series set in the Deep South called The Long Hot Summer.


It aired in the UK in the mid sixties when I was out playing hop scotch in the street. My Mum usually would have come calling me home about eight in the evening but when this was on I got to stay out longer!

It was considered steamy stuff at the time and Ben Quick was on everyone’s lips. Cheeks were pink with passion!

To this day the tune for that show is stuck in my head.


Before the TV show the story was made into a movie that resulted in the marriage of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward one of the most enduring marriages in Hollywood history.

Just goes to show what a little hot weather can do!

Blessing # 458 – Summer Sizzlers

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