You might think we have reacted too quickly and time will tell if we did but we were feeling so empty and lost and so we have adopted a little boy called Scooby.

No one will ever take the place of our dearly beloved Dibley. This week in our distress we started to look for the best rescue kennel in our state and we found Canine Collective just fifteen minutes from home.

By some divine intervention they had a group of new arrivals coming in and their website with a big rainbow clearly said come see.

Scooby arrived just yesterday from Texas. Canine Collective is a no kill kennel and they rescue dogs from areas where dogs might otherwise be euthanized.


Scooby is a very sweet boy calm and quiet and friendly. He was born on September 6th 2018 so he is exactly one year old.


He is an Irish Wheaten Terrier cross and looks very much like a miniature Irish Wolfhound. He is up to date on all his shots but still needs to be neutered so he will have to stay away from the girls for a few weeks!

He is exploring as we speak, has had a good walk with Aaron and his girlfriend and is getting ready for his dinner.


Here now is the thing that makes us sure he was meant for us he came home with of all things a PINK leash!

Blessing # 459 – New Family

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