Thank heavens the pink pooper scooper bags were in abundance. We have been busy on every outing not to mention some inside jobs over the past 24 hours.

Of course only to be expected when you’ve been through such change in just a few days. All that travel, new people, who knows how many foods not to mention the excitement of a new indoor place to live.

Dad stayed home to take care of Scooby while Aaron went to work at 4:30 and I made a quick trip to Church at 9:15. While we were away there was no poop but Dad had to deal with other emissions brought on it would seem by grass chewing at some point in the recent past.

Stop the Smelly Spray has been used on an industrial scale along with bucket loads of bleach.

On the many outings to get to know where business should be done came the chance to meet some more people and puppies. At each encounter Scooby was such a good boy.


This afternoon as is normal for most and highly recommended by many a Sunday afternoon nap was taken by the entire household.

When it gets a little cooler we’ll go for a good long walk to work up an appetite. It feels so good to be together. How does that saying go


Blessing #460 – Pals with Paws

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