Do you ever wonder how and why certain ads get into your social media feed? It’s all a bit spooky like the 1984 view of “big brothers watching you”.

Sometimes it makes you wonder is that camera on our phones doing more than we might imagine

Do they really see us? Or is it merely algorithms of association linking our likes and dislikes, friends, demographic, age and so on that prompts the post?


Take for example the case of Shapermint that for the past month or so has hit my Facebook inbox every day.

What pops up are videos of ladies of all shapes and sizes whose bodies are miraculously transformed from jello to cement simply by the act of putting on an undergarment. Where all the superfluous body bulges go to is nothing short of a miracle it seems.

Never having heard of Shapermint there is no way I’d have searched for this. I’ll confess to having purchased a few tummy squeezer inners in the past but never once did I buy them on line or even look for them.

So why does Facebook think I need this fix?


Today in search of a PINK a bit of research on Shapermint proved helpful. Their philosophy is sound and strong and definitely not wobbly!


So true and something all those who love a little lightweight garment that lends itself to comfort can agree with.

Blessing # 461 – Life In Loose Tops & Leggins

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