BOOM – Crinkle 1


My friend Lorraine, who is an endless source of fun and laughter,  sent me this little message this morning.

It definitely resonates with me and with perhaps a few of you too. Sometimes I go upstairs to find something, get distracted and forget why I’ve gone there!

So for the next few weeks let’s make light of laughter lines or as my Mom would the “case of too many birthdays”

What do like most about getting older? Anything at all?

Do you feel more comfortable in your own skin even if it’s sagging? Do you like that you don’t have to please everyone and just say what you think?

What do you like least? I know for me it’s mirrors and the shock they give me sometimes. Another of my mother’s favorites rings so true “can it be I at all”

Recently Carol and I took Aaron to the Game of Thrones exhibition. One of the interactive features is a face down photo that is taken and then projected with a large group of other images on the wall. It’s like a three dimensional mug shot. Aarons was picture perfect with his plump cheeks and not a wrinkle in sight. He look like a movie star. Mine was grotesque and Carols not much better! Holding the head down reinforced the dropping skin and the shrinking eyes even more than usual!

So far the thing I love most about being a retiree is being able to get up early and have a little quiet time and then take a sweet little nap in the afternoon. Not sure though if this aids with sleep at night which is very definitely not what it use to be.


Share your wisdom on the subject!

Blessing # 468 – The Good The Bad and The Ugly


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