BOOM- Crinkle 2


We need a break! It’s like we are having one thing thrown at us after another.

Our poor baby Scooby is suffering from tummy troubles. He was eating great and digesting well until yesterday. All of a sudden he stopped eating and had a explosive event this morning. Fortunately outside not in!

We have tried everything today. Rice, egg, beef burger even Frosted Flakes but he’s having none of it. He’s still Frisky and up for his walks. Maybe it’s anxiety because we have had to leave him alone several times since Sunday.

If he is not back to normal tomorrow morning it will be a trip to the vet for sure. He is scheduled for the snip on Thursday but that’s looking less and less likely.

Scooby is an adolescent. He is certainly adjusting to his new home and establishing himself in the household. There are so many other dogs around too so he has to deal no doubt with his place in the pecking order.

Most adolescents go through these same steps. They have to get to know there peers, find those they click with, have good days and bad days and build resilience.


Quite honestly when you’ve done this don’t you think your you?

I have very clear memories of being a real tom boy as a preadolescent literally beating the boys up! Next I went all soft and shy. Finally around fifteen or sixteen I started feeling happy. What helped? Good friends that you gelled with who were equals not walk overs.

Once this pinacle was reached honestly I cannot say I’ve changed a lot even if I’ve got really crinkly. That’s me the person of so many years ago is the person in my head!

How about you? When did you reach your self?

Blessing # 469 – Stuck in Time

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