BOOM – Crinkle 8


Today it was announced that yet another famous retailer Forever 21 had gone into liquidation.

Not so long ago this was the destination for anyone hip today it’s Crinkled. The company just couldn’t move fast enough to compete with the H&Ms and Zara’s of this can’t wear it twice world.

A days shopping is just no longer a destination it’s a necessity to be undertaken as quickly as possible! Not so long ago when Crinklies were smoothies you’d get your steps walking from shop to shop rather than on a treadmill. There even were routes you’d take the one I remember started at Wallis and ended at Miss Selfridge and often we did several laps too!


Forever 21 is not the first or even the most significant of the major chains to bite the dust. The one that caused the first gasp of shock and horror was probably Woolworths. The place of dreams for kids with loose sweets and many toys just got old!

Shops like Littlewoods and British Home Stores that catered to the fashions of Moms and Grannies, Dads and Grandpas also bit the dust. Why? Well because while faces of the 80s Moms and Dads may have crinkled as they became Grans and Grandpas their clothes did not. They refused to wear what they were meant to.

Crew necks and elasticated waist just won’t cut it. We crinklies want our fashion! Just thinking of what I’m wearing now I couldn’t imagine even in my wildest dreams that my Mom would have ever worn this!

So what will the future hold? A vestige of Littlewoods has survived as an online catalogue business and we all know Amazon is taking over the world. Maybe that’s it for shopping to come phone not foot!


Or will an outing to Macy’s and Marks and Spencer of the world endure? What will keep them on trend and relevant. Personal shopping services helping you find what’s just right for you perhaps. Food? Or if the latest news is to believed it will be recycling. Sections in the store for designer bargains of the gently used form! Would you buy it?

Blessing # 475 – Fresh Starts

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