BOOM – Crinkle 9


Scooby has discovered his reflection in the mirror in our bedroom. He doesn’t yet know that it’s himself.

When he’s up close to it he paws at the mirror in a playful fashion. When he’s standing on the bed though he goes berserk. Growling and barking ready to attack.


It’s OK of course when things are dark at night but such behavior is not at all conducive to afternoon naps.

So it was that this afternoon the mirror was covered and this did the trick no barking and good napping!


It got me thinking though of times past in Ireland when someone passed away. Many rituals were followed including the draping of mirrors with a linen cloth for three days and clocks would be stopped too. Very spooky and strange. Something to do with souls departing this world for the next.

Anyway this train of thought brought me as things often do to my Mom and how she would have had that linen ironed until it was as flat as a pancake and shining.

I’ve shared before she ironed everything in site. Crinkles were definitely not her thing. Underpants, socks, vest, towels, sheets, you name it she ironed it.


Seems the passion for decrinkling developed early. She would iron as a girl to help her mother with the mountains that needed to be done for her many brothers and sisters.

She never referred to it as ironing though it was Smoothing instead. She’d take off to the kitchen of an evening once the news was over and simple say “I’m away to smooth” Such a lovely word smooth and a great antonym for Crinkle too.

Maybe after a days work my Mom just wanted a little time to herself or found joy in the beauty of the pile of cleaned pressed clothes that were the outcome of her efforts

Often she tried to inculcate in me this love of smoothing. She failed. She bought me an ironing board once thinking my household was incomplete without one.


My tactic is different. Iron only what is seen and keep that to an absolute minimum. Before you buy check clothing’s crinkle capacity. If it crinkles stop and seek something supple! Pity it doesn’t work for all wrinkles!!!!

Blessing #476 –  Lines of Reasoning

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