BOOM – Crinkle 11


Down by our letterbox there is a spreading conifer. It is a dear little plant because it just does what it’s meant to do. It spreads without any efforts on our part. It’s a bit old and crinkly but still robust.

A few weeks ago a little bluish violet flower appeared. It was growing on a vine that had wrapped itself around some branches of the conifer.

Here we have this dreadful thing caused poison ivy that causes a terrible rash and a little rhyme that says « leaves of three let the be ». The vine has a trident like leaf so I let it be and low and behold we now have a carpet of beautiful flowers.


They bloom in the morning and then crinkle up before noon. New flowers appear the next morning. And each day there seem to be more of them.

Turns out they are aptly named Morning Glory. A little birdie must have sown them and they have been a joy these past weeks.


The color of the flower is beautiful and the vine really knows how to take care of itself.

It simply wrapped itself up tight to something strong and well established and has waited for it’s time to shine.

Each day more buds appear and at this time of year when everything is turning rusty we have a vibrant contrast amongst our evergreen.

Bet if I’d planted the seed it wouldn’t have done nearly so well. You just gotta trust nature. Even if it’s the end of the season there is still the chance to shine if you are prepared to be patient.


Who knows what lies ahead even if it’s autumn!

Blessing # 478 – Late Bloomers

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