BOOM – Gifts 4


Today all over the world mental health is getting lots of attention. Not so long ago this was a subject few people talked about or admitted suffering from. It was fine to have a heart attack but you couldn’t have a broken one.


Today, thanks to high profile people like the younger members of the Royal Family, it is a high profile subject.


It’s fair to say that the seed for this change was sown by Princess Diana when she spoke of the issues she faced linked to the separation of her parents and later her postpartum depression and eating disorders. What a brave and special person she was.


Today people are encouraged to speak out about how they are feeling. Some of us are blessed to have friends who will listen to anything we have to share. Some of us reciprocate.

For those who find it hard to share with another person there is always the chance to talk to a beloved pet. They listen so well and give such good advice. Being out with them is such great therapy and all that unconditional love is the very best medicine.


So amongst all the posts that were circulating today on the subject of mental health the one that touched me most was about the positive impact and importance dogs make on the lives of  homeless people.  Puppy Power provides so many benefits it’s got to be up there among our greatest gifts!

Blessing #485 – Compassionate Companions

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