BOOM -Gifts 5


There are all sorts of talents that people are born with. Some are great singers others like be are verging on being tone deaf. Others are artists they can capture a scene so beautifully it looks like a master painted it.

There are such well recognized gifts then there are others that are a bit more esoteric.

One friend Maureen is gifted with finding parking spaces. It could be the eve of Christmas Eve when every car park in the kingdom is filled to the brim with mad women looking for Brussels Sprouts and Maureen will find a space right by the supermarket door. The worse the weather the closer she gets to the door! Her gift is recognized and appreciated to such an extent that others will ask her to drive!


We all know individuals who are born to win. It could be a tombola to raise money for a charity or a bingo at work for completion of some series of tasks or simply a draw for free tickets and this individual always scores. You can see people smiling with their mouths when the winner is announced but their eyes are secretly throwing daggers of scorn asking “why him and not me?”


Our Aaron is pretty talented when it comes to getting travel upgrades. Often we’ve been close to last to check in and been told to ask at the gate for our boarding passes only to find that they’ve bumped us up a notch from row 44 on the tail to economy plus. He’s yet to get the full business upgrade but now expects something on every flight!


I’ve got two little special gifts. The first is being able to hold and match a color in my head. Maybe in a previous life I was in sales for Sherman Williams in any case it comes in handy if you’re out shopping and find a bargain that just a perfect match for something buried deep in your wardrobe!


The other gift that’s special is being able to find a gem amongst a bucket load of junk. This is why rummage sales are so appealing to me. Take today for example we went to one and spent a big two dollars. One dollar on a brand new lampshade the other on a cute little vase. Turns out it’s worth about $45.

Will I ever sell it? Certainly not for $45 but if I get $20 that’s a pretty good reward and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy too.

What’s your special? Share and show!

Blessing # 486 – Each His Own

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