BOOM – Gifts 6


When it comes to technology you could class Krishna and me at best as novices. The mastermind in the house is Aaron. Scooby probably knows as much as the ancient Ps.

There are some things that we’ve discovered late in life but have found them to be delightful gifts. One of these is TV On Demand.

We must have had it for years but only « discovered » it a few months ago. It happened by accident. Of course when I told Aaron about what we’d found he said « oh yeh that thing » he knew about it but used it very rarely. Kids just don’t do TV these days!


In the UK Strictly Come Dancing is a Saturday evening phenomenon and something I miss a lot. We got a KODI box to watch it but it blew up after a few months.


Here we have the equivalent Dancing With The Stars even with some of the same judges but it’s on a Monday evening. What a funny choice of timing. It was hard to get into if you had to go to bed half way through.


Of course now with the On Demand option that’s all changed we can keep the Foxtrot for Friday or Samba for Saturday. A treat for two to Tango

Blessing # 486 – Chance to Choose

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