BOOM – Gifts 7


Some of you may have a Baby Book that your parents kept for you or maybe you’ve kept for your own babies.


My Mum was really good at this and the records she made of all major milestones up until I got married is a gift that is much treasured.

The Baby Book stayed in her house  until she moved into sheltered accommodation and then it was handed over to me.

All the photos it contains are falling out as the tape has lost its stickiness after all those years. Some day I’ll get around to making  them secure again.


Many of the photos are of Christmas showing me and my still best friend Carol posing with our gifts from Santa.

In this age of digital a real life album is still something to consider. I know we kinda lost touch with keeping one since everything went into the cloud. Fortunately Aarons younger years are all safe in his album too.

For new Moms and Dads though do think ahead of the joy such a treasury will bring in years to come and start sticking soon!

Blessing # 487 – Permanent Pics

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