BOOM – Gifts 13


7FA9073F-F28D-4454-954C-258C73C6A67C.jpegToday we had the last of our five preparatory meetings of our Kairos #51 Prison Ministry team.


We are all set and ready to go to the Ohio Reformatory for Women on Thursday for a four day retreat with residents selected by the prison chaplain.

This preparation time allows us to get to know each other and share a lot of laughs and a huge amount of food. We also get to open up and show our vulnerability and weaknesses. Most importantly we learn that we must listen, listen, love, love!


The volunteers are always so diverse in Kairos. On this team ages range from people in their twenties to people in their seventies.

We are all shapes and sizes and have all sorts of colors of skin.

All Christian denominations are represented and what we learn is that while we are all different we are all needed.

Each has a gift and each a role to play in making the weekend work. We simply are links in the same chain!

Blessing # 493 – Sisterhood of Diversity

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