BOOM- Diet 10


Today is trash collection. Krishna gets everything ready the night before and then either Aaron or I take it down to the road in the morning. We keep a small plastic bag in the kitchen bin to put last minute things like the coffee filter into before putting it in the trash.

This morning when I woke up, thinking as you do of food, it came to me that I should portion out the huge family pack of chicken that was in the fridge so I could through out the packaging rather than have it lying around getting smelly for a week.

So when I’d walked Scooby round the yard for his urgent needs, given him his breakfast, made Aarons lunch and taken out the recycling bins I hit the chicken.

I labeled up three boxes for the freezer and another for tonight’s chicken pot pie and crumpled up the packaging.

Off to the road then as proud as punch with the big bag of trash thinking how much had been done in just a few minutes. On the return first stop would be coffee right? Wrong!


The bold Scooby had a surprise waiting! We’d all been remarking that he was getting taller. Who knew dogs of one year could exhibit catch up growth but seems they can. Anyway he’d put the paw up and pulled one of the boxes off the counter. One big piece of raw bird was lying on the floor and he was merrily munching away not on it as you’d expect but the box itself! It had cracked when it hit the floor and he had one of the broken bits in his mouth. Could I get it off him? Of course not. He swallowed it!

The remaining piece was sharp and so the googling began as to what to do if your dog eats a sharp object and of course the answer was the one we all know. Take him to the vet!

Being as it was only six fifteen this was not helpful! So I consulted the oracle when he deigned to descend for his breakfast. Of course he too then starts to google and so we agree that the vets it must be. He had no sooner left for school than Scooby emits a massive grunt and out pops the chewed up piece of plastic!


Fortunately the other piece was in the totally empty trash bag in the kitchen so it was relatively easy to play Sherlock and put the puzzle of pieces back together.


I got so flustered though that instead of putting my porridge into my milk and water mix I tossed in Aarons coco pops instead.

A bit of a treat to compensate for a stressful morning. Not diet food and not sure the water with the milk is ideal either but I ate it nonetheless while a certain person sat beside me looking contrite!

Blessing # 500 – Coughs & Sugar

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