BOOM- Diet 11


We have had the most beautiful fall ever with great colors and warm weather. Until today that is! The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse for Halloween.


First it poured and Scooby and I got soaked to the skin. Now a gale has come in so by tomorrow there will be no leaves left on the trees. The forecast says frost maybe even snow tonight. Result the bucket loads of candy that we have purchased for trick or treaters are likely to be left here to tempt me!


In Ireland our Halloween parties involved a lot of apples. We dunked for them, we made them into candy apples and we baked them in potato bread in a heavenly combination that kept you warm even on the wettest windiest weather.

We made our Jack-O-Lanterns from turnips not pumpkins and trust me it was a LOT easier! Here what the Irish call turnips are known as Rutabaga and what we called white turnips are turnips. Regardless of name I absolutely love them and Krishna hates them.

My Mom made turnip every week when they were in season. Sounds healthy right and good for the diet. Well they might be with just a little salt and pepper but that’s not the way to turn them into food for the Gods. You must drown them in butter or fry them till they are sticking to the pan with a load of good crispy bacon. So yummy!


Since I thought of them all day and didn’t have any and since I had no desire to get soaked again I did the next best thing and made a good drop of lentil soup.


It will stick to the Irish Superman’s bones as he heads out with Wonder Woman to trick or treat while any sane person might sit at home and help his Mom eat all that candy!

Blessing # 501 – Timeless Tradition

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