BOOM- Diet 12


Friday’s pizza day for us. We get ours fresh in Aldi it takes up the full rack of the oven and it’s meant to serve eight!

Not exactly the best diet dinner especially when Krishna has doctored the already lavish topping with more mozzarella and pepperoni as well as his blend of herbs and spices!


I always wash mine down with a little fizz and light a few candles to get the weekend off to a sparkling start. Did you know you can make it extra specially fizzy by adding ice cubes?

Its the one day in the week when I watch TV while eating while Krishna still sits at the table with his book. Aaron fluctuates or has flown out with his girlie if she’s not working.


Today we have something to celebrate. Being Krishna’s birthday weekend he gets to do his favorite things. Today he wanted to explore the thrift stores . He didn’t find a single book but I found a treasure. Well maybe!


Who knows this mark? Is it KPM? If so we struck gold.


If not the plate is still lovely and ideal for a few naughty nibbles!

Blessing # 502 – Finger Food

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