BOOM – Diet 13


My Dad ate an apple every day at lunchtime. He was particularly partial to a Golden Delicious. They are my least favorite variety. Maybe because that’s what we always had and it got boring.


My Mum would often buy sour cooking apples called Bramblys and stew them with a mountain of sugar or bake them in pies. They were so good and sort of dissolved when cooked. We don’t have them here and other apples don’t stew nearly as well so I miss them.

When I was dieting as a youngster I would substitute a meal with three Bramblys. I’d be fit to burst with all the pectin and the sourness. It would cut any appetite for a few hours and almost stopped the skin of the roof of the mouth!


Apart from the Bramblys the local apples of Ireland are Coxes Orange Pippins. Don’t you just love that name! They are the best with a little rough skin, a sweet and sour taste and a great bite. Never mealy always yummy.


Recently a new variety from Australia has hit the market here. It’s called a Pink Lady which is also a great name. There much more attractive than the Pippin shiny not rough. They really pack that same great flavor and texture punch. Got a big bag of them today to keep me virtuous on the old diet at least till evening comes. Just could wait to have one as soon as I got home didn’t even take time to get the coat off!


Do you have a favorite apple? Wonder what variety Eve ate, or William Tell shot with the arrow or that evil queen used when she tried to kill poor Snow White. Anyone care to speculate?

Blessing #503 – Crisp and Clean and Crunchy

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