BOOM – Diet 20


After last nights feast and some good wine I slept like a baby.

Just as well because I had an early start. To get back to Central Ohio for a meeting at 9:00am I said Zaijian to Tjin at 4:45 am!


All went well on route. It was me the country station and a convoy of semi trucks till I hit the Ohio border. I felt really like An American Girl

By this time it was close to 7:00 and some weekend commuters had, like the sun, begun to rise.

All continued to plan and I was on interstate 75 with sign posts telling me it was 670 miles to Atlanta and 1100 to Tampa! This never fails to excite me when I think that if I just stayed on one road for long enough I’d be in the tropics. The thought is particularly appealing when it’s freezing cold outside.

So perhaps distracted by day dreams or maybe because of road work I missed my exit and ended up having to take a country road instead.

I was livid because I wanted to make the meeting on time. Now it seemed I was going to arrive half and hour late.


The road was so very different from the highway. Cute towns and villages and many Amish buggies out and about early. One had three men up front which is a tight squeeze in a buggy and all had long ginger beards. Thought for a minute I was back in leprechaun land.

They brought me luck though and I made it to my meeting with two minutes to spare and lots of thoughts of Amish pastries and where I could go to find them sometime soon fresh baked from the farm. With all the stress of the day I must have burned off at least half a cinnamon roll!


My appetite was soon satisfied by a home made apple cake my friend Jo had baked for our meeting. Another day down weight I fear not!

Blessing # 510 – Kings of Different Roads

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