BOOM – Diet 21


Today at Church was the first day for people to sign up to bake for our  annual Cookie Walk.

My friend Kathy was at the desk today and usually I’m straight in there signing up to make ten dozen. This year I’m reflecting. Is it better to support the efforts by buying more rather than baking?

Kathy, like many of our Lily Circle who organise the event, are expert bakers. They turn out these creations that are truly works of art. Ice snowmen, Santa’s with hats and beards, Christmas Trees you name it they are beautiful.


Each year I have disasters. Once I asked my cousin Yvonne to give me her easiest recipe for no bake treats called fifteens which she did. They are festive looking and well known in Irish homes around the holidays.

I then proceeded to make them using ingredients from the USA that were only a close approximation to those used in the UK and it was a complete disaster. My friend Patricia was over staying with us when this happened and she was doubled in two laughing at the mess.


Patricia sent me Mary Berry’s Baking Bible for Christmas that year and so come cookie walk baking time the next year I was armed and ready to make Viennese Swills. Invariably at the start the confidence level is high. These are destined to be perfection! Soon reality sets in as hard as the dough! Bible or no these didn’t make it to Church!


For the past few years I’ve stuck with making simple sugar cookies in the form of stars or angels but invariably I burn some because the speedy Gonzales’s in me makes me try to get them all done in a couple of hours.

Even the best of them look pathetic beside the other iced and spiced masterpieces. A good annual lesson in humility for the super confident I suppose!

So what to do? Apart from slow down and follow a recipe for once. Well maybe I’ll try Yvonne’s fifteens again and use the right ingredients this time or maybe make mini sugars that are so tiny and sweet they’ll be irresistible!

You can help by sharing your easiest most impressive cookie recipes. You might help some other soul in the same boat!

Whats all this to do with Diets? Well you can be sure that at least part of what’s not sellable is edible so we nosh them down rather than pack them up and pack on pounds!

Blessing # 511 – Seasonal ReStarts

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