BOOM- Diet 22


With snow in the forecast when Aaron got back from school today we went for our flu shots to CVS our local pharmacy. Dad had his already when he went for his check up at the docs.

The shots are covered by insurance but CVS gives everyone who gets one a five dollar token for future purchases over $25. They also gave us a 20% discount coupon. Good incentives but not of course the reason for our trip.

Krishna has had really bad flu in the past and Aaron too but I’ve  never had flu in my life. Doesn’t hurt to take precautions though.

This is yet another reminder that the winter and all the festivities are coming fast and furious. Everyone’s weight move downwards this week including the fluffball. Maybe we’ll still manage to fatten him up like the proverbial goose before Christmas.

Aaron loves to talk about food so we got to planning thanksgiving on our drive. Aaron doesn’t care for Turkey on the bone. In fact he’s a strange Chinese because he doesn’t like bones at all. He loves crispy skin though so we agreed we’d still get a small Turkey and a big ham.


All the other fixings are everywhere in the stores. Stuffings of all sorts and enough pumpkin to sink an oil tanker. One of the most delicious dishes that goes along with thanksgiving is sweet potato casserole. My friend Laura makes a fabulous one. It is a mix of sweet potato, sugar, spices, butter and cream and it’s all topped with pecans and marshmallows. Sounds like a dessert doesn’t it? It’s not though it’s a side beside your Brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes and it’s amazing.


Those pilgrims and their kind native America neighbors have something to answer for but since I’m only seven pounds away from my goal I’m going to make us some  fabulous fixings!

Blessing #512 – Vaccines and Vittles

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