BOOM- Diet 23


The fluffball from Texas had his first taste of snow and loved it. What a bit of racing around he did both outside and when he came back in last night.

Those little frozen paws must have needed warming up because he apparently went stir crazy and Krishna couldn’t get him to calm down last night when it started. Aaron brought him in from his last walk around 10:00 and I was already out for the count so missed the drama.


This morning was what you might dream of for Christmas. There was a full moon and a perfect blanket of crispy snow. It didn’t stay perfect for long when the young man got at it. He had such fun and so did I even though it was well before dawn.


School has called at five thirty to let us know there would be a two hour delay because of the weather so of course no chance for me to go back to sleep. Scooby and I did the only sensible thing you could and got into the white stuff.

I absolutely LOVE snow. It makes me feel so bright and happy. Even if it’s frigid like it was today the light is amazing and makes everything so beautiful.


It also makes diets and dinner easy because everyone wants soup. Except of course a fellow who just wants to eat his full of this very special H2O!

Blessing # 513 – Texas Snowman!

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