BOOM- Diet 24


The Christmas markets are opening all over the world. Even the Royals are taking them in. They are filled with all sorts of tempting treats and festive foods.


Back in the early sixties my Mom started preparing for Christmas months in advance.

She shopped a lot at the local Co-Op grocery store. It was a hybrid between an old fashioned store where you bought flour and sugar by the pound and a supermarket. What I remember most is getting stamps there. We’d put these in a little book and then Mom would redeem them for some much desired item. Once she got a roasting tin that she kept for the rest of her life.

At The Co as we called it you could put money aside in the Christmas Club. You handed it over to someone behind a desk with bars a bit like a bank. Don’t ask me why this was better than just saving it in your own purse. Maybe it took those few shillings out of the way of temptation to spend on something else. Anyway my Mom was a faithful follower of the Christmas Club that started almost as soon as the clock stuck twelve in New Years Day


She would also buy a few things each week to put away for Christmas. This included dry fruit and sugar that eventually found its way into a Christmas cake.

The very British speciality known as Mince Meat was bought to make Mince pies and a Christmas pudding or two as well


A very typical gift for family and friends at the time was a box of biscuits (cookies for you guys in USA). This selection was extensive and filled with a huge variety of diet busting business.


The big box was a great treat and soon disappeared at least in our house. The chocolate ones always disappeared first then the jammy doggers and finally there would be the plain shortbreads left that were so run of the mill they were not seen as special at all.

All this stocking up was almost as fun as the big day itself. These days if you’re anything like me you just run out at the last minute and haul it all in. Maybe an old fashioned run up to the big day is something to think about. Might help get in a few more steps too.

Blessing #514 – Counting Down

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