BOOM- Diet 25


We got a slow cooker only a few years ago. Now we don’t know how we lived without one. Scooby is sold too!

How easy it is to throw a dinner together. Peel a few spuds, carrots and onions and stick them on top of a piece of meat. Might take ten minutes at most. Flick a switch and go away for the day!


There are certainly more adventurous things to do in that crock pot too. Ideal for all tastes especially vegan to build up flavor.

It’s the joy of knowing nothing is going to burn or stick to the bottom and best of all that only one pot will need washing that makes it all a dream.

For the old diet it’s great news too because that slow simmer means a lot of force in comes forward without a drop of fat added.

Tasty and tender and a timesaver too what more could you ask for a Thursday evening.

Blessing # 515 – Slowly Does It


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