BOOM – Diet 26


It’s warmed up today and feels almost balmy as we’ve just nudged past freezing. Scooby super sniffer was in heaven. The thaw must vaporize all those calling cards that were left by other puppies in the snow.


It’s two months now since we adopted Scooby and he’s changed so much. He lifts his leg now at the mail boxes and holds his tail high. He is a popular pet in the neighborhood. The kids coming off the school buses rush to say hi to him and he reciprocates. He loves other dogs and is playful with all of them. Our neighbors have just got two nine week old cockapoos and he is adorable with them. Very big brotherish and gentle letting them climb all over him.


All of us enjoy his energy. He plays by himself if no one will play with him tossing balls and running after them.

He still like to mouth a bit with his family but it’s understandable as he probably never had a chance to do that as a puppy.


He gets me walking too and as we can see from all the apps around this is no bad thing for the waistline.

One celebrity that I love and follow is Ruth Langsford. She is a big fan of walking and counting steps with her doggie too.


There are some celebrities that are divas and there are some who are just like girlfriends. They try all sorts of diets and they admit their weakness and flaws. They make you feel like you are normal and you gotta love them for being just themselves.

Blessing # 516Real Inspiration 

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