BOOM – Diet 27


This morning I’m leaving the boys and heading two hours north to spend a girly weekend with my bestie Laura and her daughter.

Scooby and I got our big walk in first thing this morning as soon as Aaron left for work. Those steps are going to be needed for what lies ahead.

When we worked together in France Laura and I saw each other almost everyday as the kids played together most weekends.

Now we see each other only every few months but we’re still like sisters. We have a lot in common including a love of wine.


When Laura was moving from Florida to Ohio we went house hunting together. I was with her the day she chose her home. It’s a cute 1920 cottage that she has worked so hard to transform into a  little palace out of a fairytale.

As it’s a gorgeous day we’re going to go for a good walk at Lake Erie before huddling in light a big wood fire and catch up with a fine bottle!


Tomorrow an early thanksgiving celebration is planned so better get those steps in while we can!

Blessing # 517 – Early Starts

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