BOOM – Diet 28


Our walk was not as lengthy as we’d planned. We didn’t do the big lake. Instead we went to a little local one and cut down a beautiful blue spruce Christmas Tree.


It’s a little early but since there is a big friendsgiving happening at Laura’s today for her daughters school mates we decided we’d go for it.


The lack of steps didn’t stop us eating though. We had such a good catch up last night and a dinner that was delicious. We washed it down with way too much bubbly and fine wine by the fire.

Sleep was sound in a big comfy bed until I heard a noise that sounded like someone knocking on the window. It went on for a while and then one of the three dogs started barking.

Convinced we had a prowler I got up. It was five forty five but there was nothing or no one to be seen but dogs and cats.


So back to bed for another snooze this time with dogs in tow only to hear the same noise again twenty minutes later. This time though the culprit was in the room! It was Miss Missy scratching and hitting her paw on the wood floor!


She did good though waking us early so we could get that turkey in the oven and all those trimmings toasting. Now all we need to do is stuff ourselves as well as that bird!

Blessing # 518 – Prowling Pets

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