BOOM – Diet 29


The girlie weekend continued with the big thanksgiving feast at Laura’s girlfriends house yesterday evening.


I’d not met this group of ladies before but it’s easy to get to like people when they provide a big banquet and yes you guessed fizz!

Diet disaster done!


The friends were quite diverse, all had different professions and ranged in age from young moms to grandmas but they all shared the same qualities of enjoying a good laugh and being supportive of each other.

They were so welcoming as was the four legged family member of the hostess Gina.


Isn’t it often the case that friends of your friends are so easy to relax with. The old adage Birds of a Feather Stick Together seems so appropriate and true!

It’s can be quite a different dynamic in the workplace or in a neighborhood even within an extended family. Why is that?

My theory is the most important piece in the friendship puzzle is laughter. Sure you need other things like kindness but the more seriously we take ourselves or any situation the less likely we will be to sustain it through success or adversity.

Blessing # 519 – New Connections

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