BOOM- Diet 30


We had our weigh in this morning and the only one making progress is Scooby who was up another pound.

Scooby is not at all fussy about what he eats. In the morning I give him a bowl of his dry kibble and he eats it as is with delight.


Krishna feels this is not enough so when it comes to the evening meals he has started special additions of little pieces of meat chopped up with love into tiny pieces or leftovers like rice.

This has been his practice with all our dogs.


The Labradors Darcy and Bingley needed no encouragement to eat. They were like massive vacuum cleaners but still they got their extras from Krishna.

He also chopped up five pounds of carrots each week for them into uniform small strips. This was their healthy treat which in some respects compensated for the milk bones and pigs ears they also got.

You can only imagine the size these babies became. People were known to ask “are they dogs or ponies”. Put it like this, they lived happily ever after!


Dibley being born in France was a “fin bec” and did need some encouragement to eat at times. Krishna took the diet pampering to extremes with him. Treats a gogo and from every dinner plate a portion set aside to give his best friend. Even when we were at a restaurant a piece of something had to come home for the furball.

This resulted in testing times when we had guests because Dibley believed he could bark his way to getting treats from everyone!

I’d get really mad at this and so had put a ban on it starting again with Scooby but I have suspicions he is sneaking a little snack from the table to fluffball now and then.

Laura has three dogs and their eating behavior is as it should be they eat dog food! Two eat at one place and Bear the little chihuahua has his bowl at the other side of the room. They all know the routine and no one tries to eat the others food. Very well behaved babies who let humans eat their food in peace.

Wish I could get Krishna to stick to such a plan too but you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks!

Blessing # 520 – Life Lesson

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