BOOM – 35 Sleeps


Five weeks till Christmas or as many kids now say just 35 sleeps. Chance of diet success is slim!

Out around our neighborhood and today in the center of town too the Christmas decorations are going up. When you have a mild day like today it’s tempting to put them up but Aaron has promised to help me if I wait at least nine more sleeps till after Thanksgiving.


Last night I didn’t sleep well at all. Maybe it was because Scooby decided he was going to lie on the floor rather than at my feet. Who knows why dogs choose to do what they do but being bed warmers is one of their greatest gifts.


Our pets little acts of love are so endearing and it’s well known that’s good for our health. They also do things that are puzzling.

One thing that Scooby does that none of our other dogs has ever done is lift his right front paw when he’s investigating something. He does this on almost every outing when he hears or sees something in the distance. It’s almost like he is thinking.


Of course not knowing what this was I did what most people do these days and googled the behavior. Would you believe the photo that showed up! Looks like the lad himself. Turns out this is a behavior that is much sought after in hunting dogs like pointers. They are showing their master where the prey is. Maybe we’re getting a little closer to his first family roots. We sure are glad he’s part of our now!

Blessing # 521– In the Genes

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