BOOM – 34 Sleeps

When the countdown is on you gotta start planning. Making the lists checking them twice grocery of course and the odd present too!

Since sales in my little stall have been horrendous this month there will be a few gifts coming from there. If you don’t sell then wrap!

What are your must have things to make Christmas feel like Christmas?

One of ours is Terry’s Chocolate Oranges in our stockings. Usually I got these in the UK and hide them till the big ONE SLEEP day arrives. Since no trip is planned this year before the big man in the red suit comes down the chimney I’ll have to hunt them out locally.


There are sites now where you can order British Specialty items that could be used as a last resort. I’ve been lucky getting things like Mincemeat at World Foods. Maybe they’ll have the oranges too.


Aldi helps a lot. I’ve already got another traditional item there Aaron’s chocolate money. They have those Belgium shell things and German truffles too. Hope they’ll bring in some British selection boxes too because they are fun but when it comes to oranges only original ones will do.


The Christmas pudding is all sorted as it’s been lying here for the past two or three years! Will be like a fine wine by now. Well settled and matured. Which makes me think I’ll need some Branson pickle to go with that cheddar too!

Blessing # 522 – Naughty & Nice

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