BOOM- 33 Sleeps


When I was at Laura’s last weekend she had a music station playing in the background through her cable TV. There was a great selection of tunes ideal for parties from really traditional Carols to this years latest hits.

Of course I wasn’t smart enough to even think to look for this on our cable at home but you can bet it was the first thing I did when I got back. We’re all set. For those local in Spectrum who may also not have been in the know it’s on 941.


So since the turkey is home and thawing in the fridge for Thanksgiving it’s time to blast a few tunes. You can’t beat a good Jingle Bell Rock especially on a Friday evening.


There are some great new songs out there too! Have you heard “When We Are Together” For sure I’ve been leading a sheltered life because I hadn’t and had no idea there were Tenors out there who look this hot!

While the music is playing the station tempts you with lots of pics of food and also provides some fun facts that could come in handy for festive small talk.


Did you know that the first commercial Christmas Trees were made from toilet brushes? Not exactly the same feel good factor as going out in the forest and chopping one down!

Blessing # 523 – Just In Time Disco

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