BOOM- 32 Sleeps


This morning I nearly had an unplanned extra sleep.

After Zumba Scooby and I left for our long Saturday walk. In theory any day could mean a long walk but the weekend’s the weekend for walking whether you work all week or not.


We set out in the sun armed with many poop bags. Scooby made his first stop close to home and appropriately it was at a stop sign!

Now, being a posh part of the world our neighborhood doesn’t have your regular run of the mill stop signs. Instead they have these special blend in with nature types that are quite low to the ground.

So taken was I with tying up the good work that had been done I walk head first into the stop sign and literally bounced off it.

It was one of those moments when your first reaction is to look all around to be sure no one saw how stupid you are.

Once that’s been clarified and you can put your red face away the next point is to determine if you are likely to faint in which case a spectator might come in handy.

Next up you thank your lucky stars some of which you are seeing that you didn’t break your  fancy specs and finally you ask what the heck was that all about and tell yourself to keep your eyes forward and forget the fact you have a load of **** to deal with.

Blessing # 524 – Hard Headed

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