BOOM- 31 Sleeps


Beauty parlors get real busy this time of year as everyone wants to look their best for the Christmas Party Pics.


Today a new trend crossed my path that you more up to the minute souls may already have tried or seen.

Its called Christmas Tree Hair. Would you try it? My hair is just about long enough to give it a go so you never know what you might see soon.


Beehive hairdos always remind me of my teenage years working at Mauds Hairdressing Salon in the heart of working class West Belfast.

We had many ladies who came in each week to get their hair “put up”. My job as the washer was to take apart the work of the previous week. The hair had been held together with tons of hairpins and gallons of hairspray. If you can imagine the texture of candy floss combined with the harshness of a Brillo pad that’s just what it felt like to touch!

Took quite a lot of shampoo and conditioner to get it a comb through it but the patience and efforts were always richly rewarded with big tips.


The ladies of the time took their inspiration from TV and movie stars the most popular in the UK being Elsie Tanner of Coronation Street fame. She was kinda edgy as  we’d say today so my Mum would never have had her hair done like this. You had to be a sexy sort to spray such style!

Those ladies were all great characters and truly adorable. They were funny and honest and generous and so very real. I loved them so much and learned so much more from them than which hairspray had the strongest hold! Their stories would make even the straightest hair curl and they didn’t give a hoot who heard them!

Blessing # 525 – Educators

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