BOOM -30 Sleeps


There are few things that are more Christmasy than candles. They take us back to all those Dickensian tales that bedeck Christmas Cards galore. Who’d want to live back then though unless you were of the nobility!


Candles were probably around on the very first Christmas as they are believed to predate Jesus by about 500 years. Some were made from animal tallow others from beeswax but those that intrigue me most are the cinnamon derived varieties the ancient people of India used in their temples. Can you imagine how wonderful that would smell.


Today we can buy candles for next to nothing at places like IKEA. They come in all shapes and sizes and smells.


Unlike bygone days when Chandlers had their own guild there is absolutely no need to make a candle yourself unless your a nutter like me.

After months of collecting little bits of leftover wax today was candle making day. The five little critters turned out OK. They’re by no means perfect. All are different but each one was made with love and will go to some very special people who are lights in my life.

Blessing # 526 – Illuminations

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