BOOM – 29 Sleeps


The Thanksgiving weather forecasts across the USA have been headline news for the past few days. No matter where you are in the country you’ll be hit by something. For some it will be feet of snow for others torrents of rain. For us it’s not too bad just powerful winds up to 50 mph!

Since today was calm and a balmy  60F / 15 C it was the time to get the outside lights up. Hanging around could mean perishing in cold or getting soaked in pouring rain.

The installation is always done with so much more enthusiasm than the take down. Even when you get wire tangles and branch scratches and fused bulbs and head bumps it’s all part of the fun.


Some of our neighbors hire professionals to put their lights up and they are truly beautiful. The end result looks like something from a movie and we enjoy them very much. They probably don’t think much of our efforts but I’m happy enough with our little show especially when I see it through the front door side window.


That little bit of deflection or is it diffusion makes those lights look so spectacular. Makes you think what else surrounds us out there in this big universe that we just don’t see.

Blessing # 527 – Splendor of Light

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