BOOM – 28 Sleeps


Scooby and I decided to get our walk in early this morning before the gales started. We set off shortly after dawn and were about half a mile from home when the heavens opened.

It poured so much we were both soaked to the skin. Several people stopped their cars to say how brave we were but it wasn’t cold and we were both enjoying ourselves. Dibley wouldn’t even stick his nose out in the rain but Scooby doesn’t give a hoot. He’ll just keep on trucking.


When we got home since he was already dripping it was time for a bath in the laundry room sink. No problem at all getting the lad in there and he stands like a big brave getting all soaped up. When his hair is sticking to his body he looks a bit like a greyhound. Certainly he has chasing fast moving objects in his blood.

The weather forecasters were spot on with their predictions of high winds. Just as they said at ten o’clock things took off. Trees were stripped of remaining leaves and being trash collection day for our area bins and rubbish took off too.


Scooby by now was well dried off but on his midday outing that wind sure whipped up his fluff. He is so light and bright he blends right in with the carpet.


There are some anxious people keeping their fingers crossed this stops before tomorrow morning when the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade takes place. For the first time in fifty years the famous balloons may not be allowed to fly.


Just in case though they have started the inflation process. Seems that Snoopy like Scooby is all blown up!

Blessing # 528 – Rain or Shine Friend of Mine

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